Solar photovoltaic power generation system makes money easier and simpler


1. Supported by the power grid, fast grid connection, and the power grid company will automatically make regular payments

You can make money by using the solar energy to generate power。 Then use it for your own use,and the rest are sold to grid. For ordinary households, installing a 5KW photovoltaic power station can already meet the daily electricity demand, and part of the surplus electricity is sold to the country, so the high electricity bills that were previously paid are saved. In addition, generally, 4-5 years break even point.

2. The profit time is too long

The small footprint of photovoltaic panels can be closely integrated with modern buildings. The solar photovoltaic power generation system does not generate noise and pollution in the process of generating electricity. The encapsulated photovoltaic panels are isolated from the atmosphere and water, so the panels can work normally during the life of the photovoltaic modules. Because of the properties of semiconductor materials, the efficiency will slowly decrease, but the power generation efficiency will still be 80% in 25 years.

As long as the quality of photovoltaic modules is qualified, they can run stably for 25 or even 30 years.


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