10KW complete photovoltaic solar power system cost new product renewable energy AC



1.Make better use of renewable energy

2.It has high system practicability

3.Long service life

4.Better load matching flexibility

5.Short construction period and simple operation


Product Introduction:The off-grid photovoltaic power generation system is a new type of power source that generates electricity from photovoltaic components, manages the charge and discharge of the battery through the controller, and provides electrical energy to the DC load or the inverter to provide electrical energy to the AC load. It is widely used in plateaus, islands, remote mountainous areas and field operations where the environment is harsh. It can also be used as a power supply for communication base stations, advertising light boxes, street lights, etc.

Performance characteristics:

1. The use of photovoltaic systems can achieve better utilization of renewable energy;

2. Has a high system practicability;

3. Compared with a system with a single-use diesel generator, it has less maintenance and uses less fuel;

4. Better flexibility in load matching. Photovoltaic systems can be applied to a wider range of load systems, for example, larger AC loads, shock loads, etc. can be used. It can also better match the load and the power generation of the system.

Product Name

2-10KW Off Grid Hybrid Solar Power Systems

System Efficiency


Life Time

25 Years+






Solar Panel

MONO 400W x 4pcs

MONO 400W x 6pcs

MONO 400W x 12pcs

MONO 400W x 24pcs

Off-grid Hybrid Inverter

1KVA, Single Phase 230V

3KVA, Single Phase 230V

5KVA, Single Phase 230V

10KVA, Single Phase 230V

WI-FI Monitoring


Battery Back-up

Li-ion BAT 2.5KWh

Li-ion BAT 5KWh

Li-ion BAT 10KWh

Li-ion BAT 20KWh

DC Combiner Box

Included Compatible

PV Cable

50 meters/100 meters optional

MC4 Connector

Included Compatible

Mounting System

Customized for Roof or Ground Optional

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